About us

Dogs are our passion

We are Yvonne, Werner and Lara. From childhood on dogs accompanied our lives. Around 30 years ago we started breeding purebred Yorkshire Terrier, a few years after that our second breed followed, the Maltese. Our kennel’s aim is to breed sound family- and company dogs, corresponding in the best possible way and even improving the breed standard. To reach this objective we are studying genetics, attend trainings and seminars.

Our dogs live in an appropriate home as fully integrated family members in house and garden. Our puppies are being lovingly raised by the family and are socialised in the best possible way.

To round off our interests and passions: You can find us all throughout Europe at national and international dog shows, where we preset our homebred dogs with great success.

Integrity and quality are our principle

We are members of Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), of Schweizerischen Kynologischen Gesellschaft (SKG, Swiss Cynologic Societ), and of the Kleinhunde Club Schweiz, where Yvonne has been a member of the board since many years.

We are FCI registered Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier breed with SKG gold certification

For future owners

We hand over our puppies according to the regulations of the SKG, chipped, multiply dewormed, with pet pass and the first vaccinations. Also after handover we will be glad to help you with questions about keeping and grooming the dogs.