Take care when purchasing a puppy! Dogs are no piece of merchandise. Therefore never buy a puppy from a pet shop!
If you cannot find the „dog of your dreams“ in an animal shelter, or if you want a purebred dog with pedigree, do only refer to reliable breeders, who aim for healthy dogs and optimum breeding conditions.
Dog dealers see dogs as profitable products only, not as sensitive and passible living beings. These people trade whole litters of often far too young puppies, which they purchased in puppy mills, often from abroad. They are gaining considerable profit by selling these animals for the best possible price.
But a true dog breeder is a person, who only hands over dogs, that were bred and raised in his own home kennel.
A realiable and respectable breeder will invest a lot of time and money into the breeding management and the raising of the puppies. These higher costs for quality are the reason why the price for properly bred dogs is a bit higher. If you choose to buy from a dog dealer because of the seemingly lower price you risk a lot of sorrow and suffering with sick or behavioural disorderly dogs, including higher costs at the vet.